Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I love Tuesdays in the Blogger universe. Random Tuesday Thoughts was a stroke of brilliance! (Way to go Keely!) That being said . . . here it is!


1. I love the chapter in the Bible about Abigail. She was pretty cool, that one. I Samuel 25.

2. I'm SO sick of the "Do you have yellow teeth?" ads that are All Over my Facebook page! Go away! My teeth are fine and I don't need you! Disgusting!

3. I love reading the headlines from those bizarre tabloids (i.e. World News, Sun). They have the craziest stuff. The last one I saw said that they found Noah's Ark in Afghanistan AND . . . wait for it . . . it came with TEN NEW COMMANDMENTS!!!! Uh, huh. Yup!

4. Have I mentioned that I'm so ready for Fall I can almost taste it? I'm looking for Vampire books (Scary ones, not love stories), any suggestions?

5. Mother-in-Law took Sister-in-Law North to College this past weekend (She decided it wasn't for her though. She's very much a stay at home sort of person. I'm not surprised she decided it was FAR too FAR away way up there.). Anyway, On their return trip they stopped in Washington D.C. (Can you say "JEALOUS!?") I have been there before but I wish I could have gone along. I might steal some of her pics to show you . . .

6. Kind of connected to the last one . . . while "up north" Mother-in-Law bought some Lebanon Bologna for us. I absolutely love Lebanon and you can't buy it down here (Dumb!). Just one more thing I miss about living in the north. I can't wait to have some! In a sandwich, by itself, rolled up with cream cheese, the possibilities are endless!

Have a great Tuesday!!


Pollyanna said...

Sometimes I actually bummed when there is no one in the check out line in front of me - you get no time to read those headlines :(

Get this, my dad actually had a subscription to the National Enquirer when I was a kid. He read that thing cover to cover. Sad. It's amazing I'm not more screwed up.

Sarah said...

ugh the yellow teeth ads gross me out... blugh!