Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost Fall

I was over at Keri's blog (Forever Folding Laundry) reading her Signs post and she absolutely made me want autumn to get here even more than I already did (And that’s an accomplishment)!

I just want to go light my Pumpkin Spice candles, bake a pumpkin pie, decorate with leaves, orange lights and pumpkins, check out Halloween costumes and get a good scary (preferably vampire sub-genre) book from the library.

Speaking of the book. Any suggestions? I want scary vampires not angsty, teenage vampires. Not that I didn’t enjoy the Twilight series, I did. I just want something like “Salem’s Lot” (one of my favorite books) or “Midnight Mass.” Something where a vampire can be a vampire.

Also, any suggestions for good pumpkiny fallish recipes? I’m always looking for a good recipe.

Happy (Almost) Fall!!!


forever folding laundry said...

Unfortunately, I'm guessing fall comes later in OK than it does here in Northern CA!

I have a great pumpkin cookie recipe...I'll post it soon! :)


Seansmoma said...

Later? It barely comes at all! My poor Kiddo was sweating in his Scarecrow costume last halloween and he had to take the hat off. :( (This is a FAR cry from the awesome fall we had when I livedin Pennsylvania!)