Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Name That Tune

The other day I found myself singing some slow catchy little song when I realized I had no idea where I had heard it. It’s a slow, sway worthy tune and the first few words are simply “Just imagine, just imagine.”

As I was going about the house singing softly to myself the Kiddo came up to me and said “Yes Mommy. Lets watch that.”

Watch? Watch what? I was confused. Then I realized he must have been referring to the little tune I was singing. Good! At least someone here knows where the song came from.

“Watch what?” I questioned, eager to know the origins of the melody.

“Barney, let’s watch Barney.”

“What?! Barney? I’m walking around singing songs from Barney? And then I realized he was right. That is exactly where I heard it, from Barney as he flitted about a playground singing with a bunch of kids.

Point? I need some more adult interaction. Anyone want to come over for a cup of coffee?? Please?

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