Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thursday already?

I know that most people get excited for the weekend and then dread Monday but I think I’m the opposite. You see my least favorite day is Sunday. It’s not that I don’t enjoy attending church and teaching my Sunday school class, because I really do. The thing that I hate is Sunday morning. I hate getting up early and I hate ironing and I hate trying to wake up my husband five hundred times. I hate thinking that we’re going to be late if we don’t walk out the door right now! I just hate all the prep.

Monday makes me happy. Monday means there is a whole week between me and the next Sunday morning. (Plus Craig Ferguson is on Monday, after missing for the weekend, and I’m a big Craig Ferguson fan. When I can stay awake.)

I just realized that I talked all about Sunday and Monday and today is neither.

We have a ladies get together tonight. The ladies from our church try to get together one Thursday evening a month and hang out and talk and eat. I’m not sure yet what kind of snacks I’ll take with me. I guess I should figure that out!

Anyway, it’s Thursday. Have a great Thursday everyone!

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