Sunday, August 30, 2009

LGenV3? Yupper!

I've been receiving e-mails from Verizon lately letting me know that my "new every two" plan was due and I was eligible for a new phone.

Now, I'm pretty practical. I kind of think, if it isn't broke, then don't fix it. And my phone was not broken. I had an LGvs3800.

This turned out to be an excellent phone. Every other phone I had was always dead or dying well before my two year contract was up. Not this one though. My "New every two" was up on August 16, 2008 and this phone STILL works.

I just started thinking about an upgrade and how nice it would be. A few weeks ago I mentioned it to J that I would be interested in upgrading and he basically said "Go for it." But, again, I couldn't get past that I really didn't NEED it. I finally talked myself into it by telling myself that I should upgrade now while my phone still worked, in case the new phone (or J's phone) decided to die. Then we would have a back up in my old phone.

So I visited Verizon's website and found a phone that I really wanted. I had already decided I wanted another LG since my last one lasted so long. I picked out the LGenV3.

I knew I didn't want a touch screen. I also wasn't so sure about the full keyboard thing (now I kind of like it, after playing with it for a day). But this one really stood out. Then I checked the price and saw that you got $50.00 off if you purchased the phone online. Nice! Also, after a nice long chat with a Very helpful Verizon employee (Charlston) online I found out that I could also take off my $50.00 credit for an upgrade. Nice (again)! I ended up with a $129.99 phone for $29.99. Triple, Nice!

So far I'm very happy with my new toy. I'll probably put an update up once I get to know her better.

Now, should I name her like Cate did?


Call Me Cate said...

Hmm, names... All that's coming to mind is Rhoda. No idea why. I looked at that style (in fact, probably that phone) but Joe was pretty sold on sticking with Blackberry because (yadda yadda dork stuff). I just figured - oh, he wants to buy something more expensive? Sure, I'll take it.

Gwen waves hello!

Seansmoma said...

Hi Gwen (and Cate),

My MiL has a Blackberry. The keys are just too small for me. Plus I wanted to make sure I had the regular phone pad in case I ended up not liking the the full "qwerty" keyboard.

So far I really like this phone. Although when the alarm went off this morning I nearly jumped out of my skin! When I could think again, I promptly changed the default alarm tone.

I'm thinking "Chloe" for a name. (Not because of HI, that's just a bonus connection.) Hehe.