Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Does anyone have Netflix? I love Netflix. I love that I can look up movies that no one has ever heard of (Well, maybe not “no one” but close) and find it there. I love that I can do a search for my favorite actors or actresses and find a ton of little known movies that they’ve been in. Movies that are often very good.

You know “The List?” Netflix is great for the list. You can have marathons of just the residents of your list.

I also love that I can keep adding and then go re-arrange my queue according to what I’m in the mood for. Currently my queue holds 158 movies. A lot of them I’ve never heard of but one of my favorites star or have a part in them so I want to watch them.

Their recommendations feature is great too. They look at your movie rentals and what you have in your queue and how you’ve rated movies and then give you a list of movies they think you might like. I’ve found a few lesser known movies that way too.

I like rating and reviewing movies also. I’m glad if I can help encourage someone to see a movie that I really enjoyed or try to dissuade someone from watching a movie that was truly awful.

Go check out Netflix. Totally worth it! (Do you think they need someone for a commercial?)

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