Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Love Twitter

I love Twitter. On Twitter you meet all kinds of people. On Twitter you can interact with people on the other side of the world. On Twitter you can talk to celebrities. On Twitter you can embarrass yourself.

The other day Rocky Carroll was tweeting. NCIS fans will know Rocky as Director Vance. He often fields questions from fans.

The other day he tweeted: "Whenever we get a script and Vance uses another character's first name, I immediately change it. It keeps Vance at arms length."

I didn't exactly understand what he meant and I tweeted my confusion to him. He then proceeded to RT my confused tweet and my mentions column promptly filled up with helpful fans explaining what he meant. Rocky himself then clarified the statement.

I was only a tad embarrassed that my lack of understanding was RT'd to 15,800+ people. But it was nice to be acknowledged and actually answered.

Yesterday I was watching Supernatural. The episode Born Under A Bad Sign. Sam goes all evil and goes after Jo. Jo, played of course by the lovely Alona Tal.

I like Jo. I like Alona. I just noticed, as she was standing there wiping down the bar, that she is really thin. I tweeted "Could Alona Tal be skinnier? Someone give that girl a sandwich."

For the record: I don't think she looks bad or unhealthy, she's just super thin.

Well, later that night I was minding my own business, in bed with Rupert and I thought I would look at my mentions on Twitter. There it was.

From Alona Tal: i love you.

I didn't even tag her in the tweet. She's sneaky that one.

I died a little from embarrassment and assured her that I loved her too. *HeadDesk*

All in all I got recognized/tweeted/acknowledged by four actors/celebs on twitter in the past week.

I love Twitter.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have so much random and I failed to post it yesterday (you know, Random Tuesday?) so I guess I'll just spit it out today.

1. Thanksgiving is Thursday. It was suggested to me, yesterday, that we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday. I asked why. Because this person has plans to celebrate Thanksgiving with others on Thursday. I do NOT care that they are going somewhere else for Thanksgiving but I'm not going to not have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving because they're going to someone else's Thanksgiving. Does this make sense? I told them to bring their leftovers on Friday and we'll pool our leftovers together and have Thanksgiving 2.0. I would like to repeat. I am NOT mad at this person.

2. I pack a lunch for Kid every day. I also pack a snack, in his backpack, that doesn't need to be cooled. They have the snack mid morning. I don't have a lot of ideas for snacks that don't need to be cooled . . . I would appreciate Any ideas anyone might have.

3. Christmas shopping is Hard, people! I don't know WHAT to get for J or Kid!

4. I'm in the Christmas mood. How long before I start decorating I wonder . . . How long before you decorate?

5. Tweet: "@Celebrity It's my birthday! I Love you! RT me!" Celebrity RT's this tweet. What is the point of this? If I were going to Celebrity to acknowledge me I wouldn't be asking for some silly RT. Say "Hi" to me or something.

Which brings me to . . .

6. Reasons I would want to be rich/famous: A. Use my cash/connections to donate to/raise money for my favorite charities. B. Respond to people on Twitter who tweet me. It's so much fun when a famous person tweets you.

I think I'm done, for now. Have a great day!