Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have so much random and I failed to post it yesterday (you know, Random Tuesday?) so I guess I'll just spit it out today.

1. Thanksgiving is Thursday. It was suggested to me, yesterday, that we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday. I asked why. Because this person has plans to celebrate Thanksgiving with others on Thursday. I do NOT care that they are going somewhere else for Thanksgiving but I'm not going to not have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving because they're going to someone else's Thanksgiving. Does this make sense? I told them to bring their leftovers on Friday and we'll pool our leftovers together and have Thanksgiving 2.0. I would like to repeat. I am NOT mad at this person.

2. I pack a lunch for Kid every day. I also pack a snack, in his backpack, that doesn't need to be cooled. They have the snack mid morning. I don't have a lot of ideas for snacks that don't need to be cooled . . . I would appreciate Any ideas anyone might have.

3. Christmas shopping is Hard, people! I don't know WHAT to get for J or Kid!

4. I'm in the Christmas mood. How long before I start decorating I wonder . . . How long before you decorate?

5. Tweet: "@Celebrity It's my birthday! I Love you! RT me!" Celebrity RT's this tweet. What is the point of this? If I were going to Celebrity to acknowledge me I wouldn't be asking for some silly RT. Say "Hi" to me or something.

Which brings me to . . .

6. Reasons I would want to be rich/famous: A. Use my cash/connections to donate to/raise money for my favorite charities. B. Respond to people on Twitter who tweet me. It's so much fun when a famous person tweets you.

I think I'm done, for now. Have a great day!


Call Me Cate said...

Not only does your Thanksgiving is Thursday rant make sense, it also makes me giggle. Yes, yes, 100 times yes, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and you shouldn't have to rearrange yours because someone is going somewhere else that day. I think having a combined leftovers meal is a fantastic idea!

Thanksgiving on a Friday. Geesh.

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

What...what? Thanksgiving on a Friday? Never mind the persons selfish reason, Thanksgiving is on Thursday...the shopping is on Friday! Don't mess with my turkey.

My decorations will be up Thanksgiving weekend. We have to work off all that turkey somehow.

kendrasue said...

We don't even have Thanksgiving Thursday night. It's always at lunch and if you miss it you get leftovers for dinner. It's no big deal but thems the rules!

And I think the retweet me tweets for celebrities are obnoxious. If they want to respond to a tweet that's cool but asking for it is not for me!

C. Beth said...

Ugh, snacks...I end up doing a lot of Goldfish, fruit snacks, & Go-Go Squeez. Sometimes I'll throw an apple in there instead...

...when I actually REMEMBER to pack a snack for her, that is. :)