Monday, August 3, 2009

"Closet Land"

I’m a fan of Alan Rickman. I have been for years and over the years I’ve managed to watch quite a few of his movies. I’m still searching for some though.

The other day I was on You Tube and I saw some clips from a movie called “Closet Land.” It looked interesting so I went over to The IMDB and looked it up.

The entire cast consisted of two people Alan Rickman and Madeline Stowe. It looked intriguing and I really wanted to see it so I did a search and found out the entire movie was on youtube in nine parts, approximately ten minutes each.

Off I went to youtube, found the link, hit play and for the next hour and thirty minutes I was completely freaked out. I don’t think I’ll ever look at Alan Rickman the same away again.

Now you should understand that movies rarely, if ever, freak me out or scare me. I’m far too literal a person to experience fear from a couple actors in front of a camera reciting lines. I spend most of the time thinking about the behind the scenes aspect of the movie. Supernatural horrors movies especially do nothing for me. The only exception to this would be “The Ring.” This movie didn’t scare me it was just that the images on the tape were so abstract that my literal mind had problems processing how they all fit together. (Sounds strange, I know. I’ve often been accused of thinking too much.)

“Closet Land” on the other hand is very much a psychological movie. Alan Rickman is an absolute genius in this movie. There is at least one part where he is doing nothing but standing there and talking and I just want to cry. If I were the girl in the movie I would have been scared to death and sobbing buckets of tears. There’s another part where he pulls out an ashtray and once again I found myself freaking out.

This movie is going on the top of my list of freakiest movies. (My husband thinks I’m crazy but he’s totally opposite me. Mind games? I don’t think he would notice, sick a ghost on him and he’ll run for the hills.)

Anyway, if you’re an Alan Rickman fan this movie is totally worth it! Freaky, though it may be. (Link to the first part: Closet Land Part 1)


Call Me Cate said...

I can't wait to check this out!!!

Anonymous said...

You can buy it from in region free format, better than watching an illegal copy :-)

Seansmoma said...

Thanks for the link! However, that site isn't in English and I have no idea what it says, if the DVD is in English, if there are no subtitles and how much it costs.