Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Wash the Baby Clothes?

I saw a mouse! There was a mouse! This made me very upset! I do not like rodents. I don't like rodents of any kind. Hamster, gerbil, mice, rats all the same to me. GROSS!

Anyway we live in an apartment complex and a couple years ago I saw a mouse. So I went to the office and told them to see if there was anything they would do about it. They told me they could give me the little glue trap but that was it. Glue trap? I think not. I went to Walmart and bought a proper Mouse trap. I set it once, twice, three times. Aparently this is a very intelligent mouse.

Next thing I know the maintenance guys are knocking on my door. "We need to look in your storage shed and see if there's a mouse hole in there because your neighbor has seen a mouse." Well, I told them they could certainly check it out but we have a lot of stuff in that storage. So they asked if we could move some stuff around and call them if we found a hole.

So, yesterday J went out in the heat and pulled a bunch of our stuff out of the shed and we did find a hole. We also found a box of the Kiddo's baby clothes that J had put out there (even though I requested he didn't because the box was falling apart). Since the box was in shambles I decided to pull all the clothes out, wash them and repack them in a better way.

So last night I spent some time folding baby clothes. It's been a long time since I folded clothes that small . . . Did it make me want another kiddo? Maybe, but not just yet. Anyway, the Kiddo was sure that they were all his clothes, which they were but it's not like he was going to be able to wear them again. That didn't stop him from trying them on.

(The Bib says "Baby's 1st Boo!")

In conclusion, the clothes are clean and safely put away and the maintenance guys are coming today to fix the mouse hole! A succesful day.

(lol. How many of you did I hook with my title???? lol Facebook friends come follow me on Blogger, please?)


Tia said...

Cute blog and cute boy! Will be checking in often!!

TheSingleGirl said...

Mice = *insert loud scream & noises of panic here*

Cute kid!


Seansmoma said...

Thanks. I think he's pretty cute too. Hehe.

I'm not terrified of mice but I still think they are Disgusting creatures!!!