Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day for Me, Revisited

So I had my day yesterday. Well, half a day, had to be home by 1:45ish. My plan was to go see The Ugly Truth and then hopefully get to run to (at least one of the following) Hobby Lobby, Outlaw Video (Used video store), Haircut.

The movie. I should have skipped it and done my other stuff. It didn’t do anything for me. I don’t have anything against the actors (If I did why would have gone to see it?) it just wasn’t my thing. Gerry Butler’s character was really annoying, rarely redeeming and the ending was just a mess. It reminded me of that scene in Kate and Leopold where the test audience is rating the movie. That movie was so cheesy. Well, they could have used the last scene of The Ugly Truth in that movie. (Yes I know Kate and Leopold was made years ago. It’s just a comparison.)

After an hour, alright, twenty minutes of previews, the movie finally started. I kept thinking, is it almost over yet? Oh, Honorable Mention to Craig Ferguson though. He always makes me smile. When the movie finally ended I checked the clock.

I decided not to go to the video store because of distance. Hobby Lobby was the next reasonable choice. I walk in the door, I’m there for three minutes and my phone buzzes. J needs something at Wal*Mart. Now I need to leave Hobby Lobby and head to Wal*Mart. At Wal*Mart I thought I would get my hair cut, checked the clock. Didn’t have the time.

Basically out of everything I wanted to do I got to go to the movies and run in and out of two more stores . . . I think I need a do over . . .

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