Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome Cable Man!

On Saturday the Kiddo and I went for a walk. The weather in the evenings has been much nicer lately. Still warm but not unbearable. I'm enjoying it. (I'm totally looking forward to getting my sweatshirts out again though.)

We left the house around 6:15. Stopped to get the Kiddo an ice cream and Mommy a Diet Coke and then headed home. When we got home I put the Kiddo in the tub and got on the internet. I wasn't on the net long when it decided to stop working.

Now our internet has been doing this recently. It will turn off for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and then come back on. I thought that was the case this time. When the Kiddo got out of the bath we turned on the TV. Nothing. Cable out.

Our cable and internet are from the same company so I called them. They told me they put in a work order and could have someone out today. I was happy that it would be fixed but kept thinking about not having my internet all day Sunday and then some today. I'm addicted to the internet, so this was not a pleasant thought.

Then yesterday morning I looked at the cable modem box and the internet light was on! So I tried the TV, Yes, it also worked! Shortly after I noticed that there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find the cable repair man (on a Sunday morning)!

He told me that it was bothering him that we would have to go so long without cable and internet so he came out. (Awesome!) Turns out my neighbor STOLE my cable! (Grrrrr). He told me he wrote them a nasty note and cut all their wires! :)

Anyway, I'm happy to have my internet back! Thanks cable guy for coming out on a Sunday morning!

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