Friday, March 25, 2011

Where Do You Get Your Food?

We had a Sunday School lesson about Elijah.

During a drought God sent Elijah to live near a brook where he would have water. Of course, Elijah needed more than water to live so everyday ravens would come to Elijah and bring him meat and bread.

The point of the story was that God will provide our needs.

I told the Kiddo's that God probably wasn't going to send them food through birds but they get their food other places.

So I asked "Where do you get your food?"

One young man (5 years old) told me that his Mom bought food at the store.

Then I turned and asked the same question of a four year old girl. "Where do you get your food?"

Her answer: TaMolly's. (In case you don't know what TaMolly's is it's a pretty popular Mexican Restaurant chain around here.)

She totally made my morning.