Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Hair Cut. But What Kind?

I did it. I called the hair place. I made an appointment. I'm getting a hair cut.

This is big for me. I don't do change very well. My last cut was last year, August I think. I never know what kind of a cut to get. I'm always worried I'll hate it when it's over.

Do I go shorter? Do I stay longer? Layers? What kind of layers? And this time I add one more question . . . Do I get the low lights or not?

I always search google images trying to find a hair cut. The only problem with that is that I get the same results. Gorgeous women with beautiful, thick hair. I don't have thick hair. I have rather thin hair. Even when I specify that in the search I get the same results.

This time I'm thinking layers. Keeping as much length as I can while still getting rid of the frizzy ends. I do plan for my shortest layer to be a bit shorter than previous cuts. No bangs . . . or Very long bangs . . . not sure which.

If anyone has ANY ANY ANY ANY suggestions I would GLADLY have a look! PLEASE?!?! Help me! (Now is the time when I wish I had a hundred blog followers.)

My appointment is Friday at 12:30 pm.

Oh, and then there's the to low light or not to low light question . . . Decisions!

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C. Beth said...

Definitely layers, if you have fine hair.

I'd stay away from bangs unless you feel comfortable trimming them yourself, since you don't get cuts very often. And honestly the same with lowlights--if you don't think you'll go in often enough to maintain the color, I say stay away from it. I am a haircut procrastinator and I have lately just had natural color--I love not having to maintain it.