Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

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1. Do you wear a watch? I do. My actual question is: Do you wear it with the face on the back of your wrist or underneath? I always wear mine with the face underneath. Not sure why. I think I got it from my Mom.

2. I feel stupid just asking but can Anyone tell me what the hashtag #fb is for?!?!?!

3. We had a missionary come through our church last week. It was very amusing. He had just recently returned from Mexico and when he began to speak faster he caught himself, more than once, sliding from English (his first language) into Spanish.

4. I'm SO excited about our trip to Pennsylvania! I'm NOT excited about the airports but I can't wait to see my family!

5. Black Widow Spider on my door step! Cue the Freaking Out! I'm not generally afraid of spiders but I am afraid of Poisonous Spiders (Duh!) I called the apartments and they no longer spray for spiders (they did last year) because it's too expensive. GRRRR! I'm going to go grab something at Walmart and Do It Myself!

6. I went to see Limitless last night. I approve. I also approve of Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper is pretty. I totally see Bradley Cooper showing up in this weeks Hot Guy of the Week post.

7. A Giveaway? Here? I'm thinking . . . Yes! It will be my first giveaway. It won't be anything HUGE or AMAZING but it will be cute and it will be something that I wouldn't mind winning. (Why would I giveaway something I wouldn't want to win myself?) Stay tuned!!

I think that should do it! Have a great Random Tuesday and a great week!!


VandyJ said...

I wear a watch, but with the face on top of my wrist. My hubby gave up wearing one and he now drives me crazy--always late for everything.

Call Me Cate said...

I do wear a watch, usually, but with the face on top of my wrist. And on my left hand. My husband wears a watch but never looks at it - he always pulls out his phone to check the time.

I believe the #fb cross-posts your tweet to Facebook if you have that setup. There's a similar one for LinkedIn.

Kristine said...

I do wear one but it faces up. I use my phone most times though. LOL

C. Beth said...

Left hand, facing up. :)

EmmaK said...

Hi I am a new Random Tuesday girl! I do wear a watch but I always take it off when I go in the shower and so am always losing it!

Nicole said...

Yummy Bradley Cooper. Thanks for the reminder to think of him. There's a good use of my daydreaming time.

Happy RTT!

Julie @Momspective said...

#fb is for Facebook :). I don't wear a watch, I just carry my cell phone everywhere.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I do wear a watch - left hand, face up. Though it has a bracelet-type band that's a little too big, so more often than not I have to slide it back around to the top instead of the bottom. :)

Bradley Cooper is definitely yummy.

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

Kathy said...

I'm with you--I don't like poisonous spiders! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today :) I love meeting new blog friends.

Tia said...

Bradley Cooper is very pretty! I totally agree!

Douglas said...

#fb is used to connect tweets to Facebook as mentioned before.

I recently tried wearing a watch again (after a several year hiatus) and realized two things: wearing a watch feels weird and uncomfortable now...and the batteries are dead anyway.

When I did wear it, though, it was on the left wrist facing up...I tried it facing down for a while in college (didn't everyone experiment in college?) but didn't like it much.

Raven said...

Oh, I was so excited to see your post on Rants and Raves about season 3 of Angel, cuz I loooooove that show and I had so much to say but it wouldn't let me comment. :'( I don't know if that's my computer or if somethings up with your comments. Anyhoo...just thought I'd let you know.

Your random is fantastic! Black widow spiders? Not so fantastic *shudders* I'd probably have packed up and moved right there. lol I hate spiders.

I want to see Limitless too. And The Adjustment Bureau.

Happy Tuesday! (well, it's Wednesday now, but whatever)

Michele said...

I don't wear a watch. About 30 years ago (gawd, I'm old) I decided that I wasn't going to dictated to by a piece of jewelery. I took off my watch and it was never to be seen again. So I can't help you on the watch thing.

Keely said...

I wear a watch sometimes, apparently on the wrong wrist or something, but it never lasts. I put it down or lose it and don't really miss it.

Ane said...

I also wear my watch with the face underneath.. :D I am not sure why either.. :P

The #fb hash tag makes you post your tweets to your wall if you have "selective tweets" on in your Facebook apps.. :D

I am scared of spiders, the only time you'll ever hear me scream like a girl is when I cross paths with spiders, poisonous or not.. :D

I hope you open your giveaway to people from Asia like me! :P

Anyway, I'm still doing RTT next week, told Keely I would steal the RTT button and will put up a linky, so hope to see you then.. :D