Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun At The DMV - Part 2

After going through all the other stuff I finally took my road test yesterday.

As I sat at home watching the clock tick away the minutes before I had to leave for the test I began to freak out. I do that, freak out. I make things out to be HUGE deals in my head and work myself up pretty badly. I was sitting on the sofa attempting to breath deeply in an effort to calm myself . . . It wasn't working.

Finally it was time to leave. I prayed all the way to the car. I prayed all the way to the courthouse (which doubles as the DMV). I prayed while I was waiting my turn. I prayed when he (the ONE) got in the car and said "Back out and go that way."

You want to know what else The ONE said? "Make a left turn here. Right turn here. Go straight. Make a left turn here. Make another left at the light. Go straight through this light. Make a left here. Make a right here. Make another right. Make another right. Make a left at the light. Make a left and park right here" ("right here" would be back where I started.) "Good. You passed."

What? That's it? Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled it was super easy and I passed. My problem comes when I think of all the 16 year olds driving around our town with only THAT as a test to determine whether or not they are qualified to drive!

Anyway, after I signed the paper The ONE sent me to the Tag Agency (Because why keep it simple and take care of it all in one place?) to get the actual license.

In Pennsylvania when I had my picture taken if I didn't like it they took another one. Not here, no. No, here I didn't even SEE the picture until she handed me the actual license.


Does anyone watch The Big Bang Theory? Do you know who Amy Farrah Fowler is? I look like her in my photo . . . only high.

My drivers license photo could be Amy Farrah Fowler on drugs.

The good news? I'm a legally licensed driver again!

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Call Me Cate said...

I opted to get a new photo last time I renewed (it wasn't required). I lucked out and got the best photo EVER. I plan to never ever give up that photo until I absolutely have to since it's such an oddity to have a good license photo.

But, hey, legally licensed!!!