Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Just Happened?!

I would like to preface this post with a . . .

I was watching The Big Bang Theory episode that aired last Thursday and at the end Levar Burton showed up! He popped his head in the door for a few seconds and then left, walking down the stairs muttering about Twitter.

WELL . . . I innocently tweeted the following:

"I had an odd moment during Thursday's Big Bang Theory where I found @LevarBurton sorta hot! It was unexpected. #TBBT"

I'm about to come clean right here . . . I found him a Lot hot! He's in fantabulous shape!! Actually, I think this is the best he's ever looked. Especially considering I don't remember ever before thinking he was hot. I sorta said "sorta" because I sorta thought I might get picked on by some Twitter friends . . . By the end of the night I was wishing I just would have said what I thought. LOL

Back to the story. I tweeted that and then I shut it all down because I had to go grocery shopping. A couple hours later I returned home and turned on Twitter. I had EIGHTEEN mentions . . . And they were ALL about Levar Burton!!

I didn't know what was going on! My first thought was that someone had been doing some sort of "Levar Burton" search and Retweeted me and people responded. THEN I started going through my mentions . . . Someone Retweeted me alright! Levar Burton!

I thought maybe he was one of those people who Retweeted all kinds of stuff, all the time. So, I rushed over to his Twitter feed to check . . . Nope! Nope! Not at all! Last Retweet before that one was Sunday!

Now I was embarrassed and really wishing I just would have gone with:

 "So, I was watching Thursday's Big Bang Theory and there was @LevarBurton!! Oh my word! He's a lot hotter than I remember! Wow! #TBBT"


"WOW! @LevarBurton on The Big Bang Theory! FREAKIN' HOT!!!!! #TBBT"

OK, maybe the first one! :)

P.S. I was Retweeted by Levar Burton and it Totally made my Week!!! #NerdAlert

P.P.S. When I went to bed I was at 36 mentions related to that tweet . . .

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C. Beth said...

I'd be psyched about something like that too. I'm a little excited when I get a reply from the people who wrote my bread-baking books. :-D