Monday, March 7, 2011

An Excerpt From My Wardrobe - Socks Edition

Everyone has those silly things that make them smile. Not big things like new cars or houses or anything like that. The little, silly things.

You know what I love? Cute ankle socks. Seriously, I may be addicted. If I go somewhere and there are cute ankle socks on sale for a dollar? I almost can't not buy them.

Seriously? M&M socks? Gimme! Green St. Patty's socks? Want!
Yup! I'm Twenty-Something (I can still say that!) years old and I'm wearing M&M socks! But look how cute!

Silly post today? Sure, but I had to share my socks with you. :)


Aliceson said...

Fun! My kids love funky socks too! In fact that was what we brought home for them from Jamaica and they were pumped to wear them to school today.

C. Beth said...

I think they're adorable. There's a great deal right now on very cute striped ankle socks at Costco.

You don't have Costco, do you? :(