Thursday, March 24, 2011

HGotW: Bradley Cooper

On Monday I went to see Limitless . . . That should be enough to give away who this weeks Hot Guy. (You know, if it weren't up there in the title.)

I wouldn't really call myself a "fan" of Bradley Cooper, before. I mean, I've seen him around and I've always enjoyed seeing him around but I never ran out to the movies just to see him.

That was before.

I'm all about the Cooper now. :) Hehe. Well, I'm More aware anyway. I am now more inclined to run out and view a movie in which Bradley Cooper stars.

Enough talk already, where's the man?

Right! Here he is . . .

Bradley Cooper


I just love those last two. Not sure why but, yeah.

When trying to decide on a girl to feature I was having issues. I couldn't figure out who to choose. Then, we rented Morning Glory and the choice became clear.

Also, she was in Wedding Crashers in which she had a few scenes opposite Bradley Cooper. See? It all worked out!

This weeks "Hot Girl" (Hot Gal?) is . . .

Rachel McAdams

Not a fan of the blond hair but Love the smile!

So Pretty!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this weeks HGotW post! Have a great day!

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Call Me Cate said...

Okay, since you love "The Cooper", I'll recommend a show called "Kitchen Confidential". It lasted only one season (or part of one season) and while it isn't wrapped up perfectly at the end, it doesn't leave you completely hanging either. As a bonus, it also stars the yummy Owain Yeoman, WITH accent.

You can find the 13 half-hour episodes on Hulu.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I LOVE Bradley Cooper! We are going to see the movie this weekend. And we rented Morning Glory this past weekend. Always been a fan of Rachel McAdams. Love her in Notebook. Did I mention I LOVE Bradley Cooper. It must be the little bit of ruggedness about him...but he does clean up very nice!