Thursday, March 10, 2011

HGotW: Ian Somerhalder

I checked . . . The last time I did a HGotW post was in July . . . I think that's long enough to go without a Hot Guy on my blog.

This weeks Hot Guy I didn't even know about in July. I was a member of a social networking site and someone would post his picture over and over and I would think. "Oh wow, He is so HOT." He was in a TV show that I never watched (because I figured it would be silly) but you can only see this guys picture so many times before you have to check out his show.

So, I gave in. One night the show that I normally watched in that time slot was a rerun so I turned on his show and let it play in the background. I was hooked. I immediately found the episodes online and caught up on the whole show. Good thing it was only in it's first season! I'm now a faithful viewer and it's not at all silly as I had suspected.

Also, I fell in love with this week's Hot Guy's character immediately. Sure, he's a bad boy but so what? He is one of my two favorite characters. Guess what? I'm also going to feature the actress that plays my other favorite character as this weeks "Hot Girl."

Without further ado I give you . . .

Ian Somerhalder

Pretty, No?

He recently launched The Ian Somerhalder Foundation in an effort to help the environment and furry domestic creatures without homes. (Stray animals. Hehe) If either of those things appeal to you then you should really click the link and check it out.

Moving on to our featured female . . .

Candice Accola

 Thanks for taking some time to drop by. Hope to see you around!

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Qaisara Idrus said...

haha, nice one. i was just looking for ian's sexy eyes picture. WEEEEE