Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Welcome to another editon of Random Tuesday Thoughts. Here you will find a collection of thoughts that probably wouldn't work so well as their own post. (Although, I have been known to expand on a Random Tuesday Thought in another post.) If you want to join in and post some of your own Randomness you can click this cool little box and join the fun at Keely's place:


1. You know what we (the Kiddo and I) really like? Magic Washcloths. Those dollar washcloths that are all squished into a little square or an egg and expand when you put them in water. They're so fun, we just love them! They have all kind of fun character pictures.

2. I'm trying to figure out the best way to let my TKD instructor know that on St. Patrick's Day I will be skipping class to stay home and watch TV. Josh Gates and the Destination Truth team will be conducting thier first ever live investigation and they're doing it in Ireland!! I would have stayed home for live DT anyway but in IRELAND!? I'm So There!

3. I heard someone talking the other day about being backstage at a concert. The headliner wasWill Smith and another female pop star. According to this person talking people were directed Not To Look At this female pop star per her own request. Really? No, really? What, is she some sort of goddess or something?

4. When we go to Pennsylvania in April I'm going to have to create a budget JUST for coffee! They have Dunkin' Donuts AND Starbucks!!

4. You know what's awesome? AllRecipes.com's Menu Planner! It's only available to supporting members but it's way worth it. Especially if you plan your meals! Everytime you put a recipe in your menu Allrecipes adds the ingredients to a shopping list! Perfect!

5. I watch too much TV. Seriously, Toby TiVo is going to rebel one of these days. I watch too much TV and then I hear that awesome people are going to have new shows soon! No! I can't! I don't have time! (Ashley Judd, Kiefer Sutherland, Don Johnson, Michael Rosenbaum? Stop!)

6. WHY do couples share Facebook accounts? Are they afraid there aren't enough to go around? I have more than one Facebook friend who's name look like "JoeSally Smith" or "EvanandLiz Jones" Seriously?

7. Then there are the Facebook accounts that say "Shawna Macintyre" but Shawna's husband posts ALL the time saying "This is Chris, I just wanted to comment on this . . ." Get your own account, Chris!!!

Alright, I think that may be enough random for today. Have a great day all you wonderful, Random people!


Call Me Cate said...

Ugh, the shared Facebook accounts... The only thing that I like less is the couples who each have their own accounts and spend the entire day all lovey dovey on each other. I'm glad they like each other but maybe they could use text, email, or phone?

C. Beth said...

Shared FB accounts TOTALLY bug me!!!

VandyJ said...

I might have to look into the Allrecipes menu planner--anything to make the what's for dinner easier to figure out.

Kristine said...

Shared Facebook accts are for the birds....