Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog to Facebook?

When I first started my blog I thought it would be neat to have it post right to my Facebook account when it's published here.

That worked well for a while. But occasionally I think of something that I want to post here and I just can't have that particular nugget pasted all over my Facebook account.

Recently I posted a certain rant and then I had to sit on Facebook and continually refresh the page so that I could delete it when it showed up there. It just wasn't for everyone. (Considering that some facebookers may have been implicated in that particular post.)

So I have made a decision. I have removed the automatic post and the link to my blog that was on Facebook. I have also removed the link to my Twitter account from Facebook.

This blog is no longer connected to Facebook. Now I can write what I want and not have to sit on Facebook and wait to delete it.

I realize this doesn't affect anyone here. You may continue to enjoy (or not enjoy) my blog free of incident. Have a nice day!


Autumn in jeans said...

Lol. I've sat here and hit refresh a million times just to get something to show up JUST so I could delete it!! How long did you have to wait (I think I remember you tweeting about this)

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm really careful about what I post to Facebook. I have a couple of co-workers and a lot of family members as "friends", so if they read my blog, I can't write about them and let's be honest, that takes away a lot of my material.

Jennifer said...

I had mine like that for awhile too, and I changed it. For one thing, when it posts on FB I wasn't getting any hits on my blog. Not that I get that many, but still. Now when I write something that I think my FB peeps will enjoy I just post a link to the blog. I get the readers and the hits.

Thanks for stopping by.