Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not That Big

I've been going to the gym for a little while now. Everyday that it's open, I'm there. (That is everyday that isn't Sunday, or everyday that the gym isn't flooded.)

The Kiddo has asked me a couple times if he could go with me and I keep telling him no. I have told him though that when he gets bigger he can go to the gym.

Well, last night he was laying on the sofa and I came to sit down. I picked up his legs and laid them across my lap and told him how big he was.

I went on to explain to him how he used to be little and he got bigger and bigger and bigger and now he's so big.

My Kid, having the excellent memory that he does said "Yea! Now I can go to the gym!"

Not quite, Kiddo. Give it a few years.


Autumn said...

Haha!! I was doing my yoga this morning (really easy, got the Yoga For Dummies video....strongly suggest it even though you are no dummy) and I was thinking that I should start doing the Daily Dozen with the kids when they get home from school. It would be fun to include them in a small part of my daily workout and it would be a great way to incorporate stretching and exercise into our lives! (Plus if I could go back and change anything in my life I'd have started stretching more and stuck with it at a younger age!!) Just a thought, that way he can work out with mommy even if it's not at the gym. Also I'm pretty sure Elmo has a "work out" video for little ones, might be something worth looking into :) (especially for rainy days!!)


VandyJ said...

I like doing exercise ball workouts. THe ball is fun for kids to use and I can work with Bruiser and Turbo on it.

Otter Thomas said...

Maybe he will keep that work out desire for a while. That could be a good thing.