Friday, January 15, 2010

A Nice Day

Today the Kiddo and I hung out together, alone.

We didn't go anywhere, we just stayed home. Everyone else went to the movies. It was nice.

I cleaned some and the Kiddo watched his movie. Daddy wasn't here to steal the tv. Don't worry we didn't veg in front of the TV all day, it's just that when we were watching it was Kiddo's choice. He liked that.

I made some Taco Soup from a recipe that Cate from over at Show My Face was kind enough to share with me. It's still simmering in the slow cooker but I have tasted it and it's excellent. I'll be enjoying that later.

Right now we're just waiting for everyone to get back from their movies and then I'll hit the gym later on.
 I've really been enjoying my trips to the gym. It's nice to get some time away for me and it's a bonus to know that it's doing my body good.

Hope you're all doing well today. See you tomorrow for Six Word Saturday.

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