Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nice and Slow

Today was a nice slow day.

Got up (way too) early and went to church, and we ended up not having Children's Church (Day off for me). Then we came home had some dinner and crashed.

The Kiddo and I watched half a Veggie Tales DVD and we both fell asleep. It was very nice.

We woke up and went to church again.

For Christmas, because I teach Sunday School and Children's Church, the church gave us gift card to a local restaurant. So, after church this evening J, the Kiddo and I went to TaMolly's and ate.

Now we're home. I'm stuffed and enjoying the sofa and my pajamas.

I apologize if this post doesn't make sense but I feel "Blah" and my thoughts are gelling very well. I'm just relaxed. Goodnight. :)

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