Saturday, January 2, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

It's Saturday! Do you have your six words ready? If you do then you really need to click the box below and head over to Cate's blog to join the fun! And, if you don't then you really should! Happy Saturday!

I'm loving this whole gym thing!

Have a great day!


Call Me Cate said...

I'm antsy to return to the gym. Hoping my back will be ready to jump in again this week. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Ooh, good for you!

Autumn said...

It's a love hate relationship for me, I love the burn, I love knowing I'm getting toned and slimming down but I hate the burn at the same time, especially if there are stairs any where in my walking future! Happy New Year keep up the workouts they do pay off!!! =D

Bridgette said...

I wish I loved the gym thing!

Becca said...

You're lucky! I was on vacation and then sick...and just haven't made it back to the gym yet! It's hard when it's something I do because I force myself.