Monday, October 12, 2009


It's October 12th. When do you think we should get our pumpkin to carve? I'm dying to get one now.

This way the weather has been recently just makes me want to go out and light our pumpkin . . . but we don't have one yet.

I think that I'll probably grab one the next time J gets paid. Yup, sounds like a plan.

I hate scooping out the "guts" but I love the rest of the experience. It's so much fun to carve it all out and then light it up. The Kiddo loves it!

Ladies and gentlemen, this (pathetic) post had been brought to you by the 50-ish degree weather that has been occurring recently. Here's to hoping it continues!!!

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Aliceson said...

We haven't bought our pumpkins yet either. The weather here has been unseasonably cold (below freezing most nights) so I'm a little nervous that if we carved ours now they would turn to a freeze/thaw mush before the big day. We did however go shopping for the proper carving tools this year. No more kitchen knives and big spoons for us. I bought a huge pumpkin gut scooper at Michael's that looks like it may actually work to get all of the stringy mess out.

PS~ I'm waiting for payday too. ;)