Friday, October 30, 2009

A Walk in the Cemetery.

I thought that on this day before Halloween (I would do it tomorrow but tomorrow is Six Word Saturday and I don't want to miss it) I would take you on a walk with me through my favorite "haunt." Our local cemetery.

Join me, won't you?

I think that this spot right here(below) is the creepiest looking spot in the cemetery right now. I just love how the trees look old and gnarled and the leaves are all over the ground.

As I was walking I came across this tombstone:

Notice anything odd about that stone? Maybe the dates on Mrs. Butler's side? Born 1858, died 19 - Nothing. Did she never die? Is this woman 151 years old? Strange.
I ran across another one like this also.
Born 1871 and never died. Cool.
This stone below is unusual for a reason. I mean, sure it looks old and all. Date of death says May 1907. That's not what's odd about this stone though. It's the location that is strange.
This picture is the view from the stone in the previous picture. See those trees way out there? That's the rest of the cemetery. For some reason this guy was buried Way far away from everyone else. All by himself. Perhaps this was the John Wakefield of our town? (Harper's Island viewers will get that reference.)
Well, thanks for coming with me on my little walk. Feel free to have a seat on the dark and creepy little stone bench and take a breather.
Happy Halloween!!!

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Call Me Cate said...

Love cemeteries - awesome post. Yes, I think that guy was either John Wakefield or had the "swine flu" of his day. Some sort of outcast for sure. And I love the stones with no end date. That creeps me out, btw. The idea of a headstone with my name on it just waiting for me and a date? Yikes...