Friday, October 23, 2009

Your Choice?

What would you like to read about today? I'm not exactly sure why I'm asking since, chances are, you won't get to read about that particular subject anway. Unless of course you write your own blog about it and then go read that.

In case you can't tell I've got nothing for today. I could tell you about our evening last night. We had a good night. We Did some shopping (I bought a shirt and a cute little ornament for our ornament exchange.). Then we had dinner at CiCi's (lot's of pizza for not that much money. Tasty) and headed home. We watched Harry and the Hendersons, which no one but me had ever seen. Then it was time for bed. *Yawn*

All in all a good evening. Stayed tuned tomorrow for Six Word Saturday. I'm sure it will be more interesting than this!

1 comment:

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I LOVE Harry and the Hendersons - still makes my husband laugh uncontrollably every time he watches it.