Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flashback Day

I was at a loss as to what to write about today so I decided to go check out some blogs I had written on MySpace ages ago. I found this one from February 6, 2008 and decided I would share it here. It's old news to some but a fun (looking back) story for others.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Adventures in Motherhood."

9 PM: Mommy (That's me) makes a GALLON of fruit punch.

Two hours later Daddy goes for a drink. This is his second drink from the
GALLON of punch. He places the GALLON of punch on the kitchen table and is about
to take his cup to the bedroom and get ready for bed.

He kisses Mommy (that's me) good night and Mommy (still me) hears a SPLASH!
You'll never guess what happened!!!!!

We turn around to see the Kiddo standing in the middle of a HUGE pink
puddle that is now covering our ENTIRE dining room floor!

Kiddo, the culprit, who is standing in the middle of a GALLONS worth of
pink liquid that is now covering our floor, starts to walk towards Daddy and
Slip, Slide, Splash he's laying on the dining room floor in the middle of the
HUGE pink puddle.

There is now a Kiddo sized spot that has been mopped up by his freshly
washed pajamas. Yes, the ones that Daddy took OUT of the dryer to put on him
just a short time ago. Mommy saves the day, kisses the "owey" and whisks the
baby off to the bath tub.

Now did anyone catch the part where I said TWO HOURS later? Yes, it's 11 PM
and the Kiddo is getting a bath while Daddy attempts to mop up the
pink puddle.

After the bath Mommy continues to mop, filling the bucket with new water
and pine sol and mopping the dining room and kitchen.

Forty-five minutes after this all started we are finally ready to get the Kiddo and Daddy to bed!

I just love being a Mommy! I know that sometimes it comes with adventures
like this but I sure wouldn't trade what I have for anything!!! God Bless all
you Mommies out there!!!!!

Going back and reading this I have to say. I'm really really grateful for my Swiffer Wet Jet (however, I'm not sure that it would have done much good on the river of punch on the floor.)

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