Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Nice Place to Walk

I am not strange (No more than anybody else). I don't really think it's that odd that I like to walk around Cemeteries.

I'm so excited that it's finally cool enough to go for walks. For the past couple evenings I've had the opportunity to go out for a little while and walk.

My favorite spot to walk is the cemetery that's about three minutes from my place. It's big and set up very nicely. There are trees but not too many trees, it's just nice. Depending on the time of day there could be quite a few other people taking advantage of the ideal location for walking. See, I'm not the only one.

Some pics from my favorite walking spot:

1 comment:

Otter Thomas said...

It looks like a nice place. You would only be weird if you walked there alone at night.