Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Here!!

I'm so excited that Fall has finally decided to show up around here.

A friend of mine mentioned on her Facebook yesterday that she was loving the weather and the fact that she could wear her hoodies.

I commented back that it's been nicer here but still not hoodie weather. I figured about a month . . . or so before I could break out my hoodie.

However, last night J asked me to run to Walmart for him (at 10 PM) being the good wife (or is that a pushover?) that I am I decided to go and get him his precious orange juice. I walked out the door and walked back in to get my HOODIE.

I was so excited that I could wear my sweatshirt! Fall is finally here! (Now if anyone would like to buy me that cute zipper up OU sweatshirt at Walmart, I'll gladly accept! Thanks!)

I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather!

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