Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday! I love Tuesday! Head over to Keely's blog, grab the linky and play along!


1. I must be tired because my mind is absent of random thoughts. Well that's not entirely true. I have random thoughts but none of them consist of much more than one sentence. I guess that's what this will be.

2. Alex O'loughlin was on Craig Ferguson last night. I miss him so much. I really liked Moonlight and was very upset when it was cancelled. I'm happy to see him in a new show. Three Rivers will be on CBS this fall on Sundays I think. WHY Sunday?! I'm usually at church on Sunday night. This makes me upset. I don't have a DVR either. Just a VCR that doesn't really like to work correctly. I'm thinking about going to a thrift store/pawn shop and finding a VCR.

3. I am (im)patiently waiting for Christian Kane's CD to come out . . . Where oh where is the CD at? Oh Where, oh where could it be?!?! I love Christian Kane. If you haven't heard him look him up. You can listen to some of his music on his MySpace page. His music is primarily country with a nice helping of rock and roll. Having said that I'm not usually a country fan. Tim McGraw I enjoy and Sara Evans but other than that I can do without country. But Christian Kane is awesome!

4. Speaking of Christian Kane, does anyone watch Leverage? Great show. Just wondering.

5. My bestest friend is supposed to be leaving her house (in Maine) tomorrow and heading this way! I'm so excited!

6. Oh one more thing about Christian Kane. So he sings this song called House Rules. Lyrics: "Welcome to my house, buckle up tight. Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high. It's a country music, a little soul, it's a rock and roll rodeo. We don't tolerate no sitting around, everybody's dancing, groovin' and gettin' on down. So before you come in here with some kind of attitude, you better read the house rules." I heard my (almost) 3 year old singing this yesterday! lol. It was funny.

7. Chatted to my cousin last night and we shared pics online of hot guys! lol Had a good time. J came home and was standing behind me listening to us talk about guys. lol

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Swoozie said...

Have a great time visiting with your best friend! Sounds awesome....have a great Tuesday!