Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!!!

I'm a huge fan of Tuesday in the blogoverse!!!


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1. Leverage is over until January. What am I going to do??? Watch re-runs, that's what! The good news is that NCIS and The Mentalist start SOON. (Plus I get to watch Josh Gates on Destination Truth on Wednesday night. I know they never really find anything but he's such an entertaining host.)

2. Rina was supposed to come today. I was so excited to see her today but, they changed their minds . . . they came YESTERDAY! It's so nice to see her again after so long! Now we shall commence with the talking, shopping, movies and eating until we pass out!

3. Kiddo's birthday party is Saturday (actual birthday is Sunday). Can't believe my baby is going to be three. When did that happen?

4. I didn't watch the VMA's but when I got on Twitter the next day there was quite a buzz. So I watched THE clip. You know the one. That stupid idiot Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swifts speech! How stupid! I felt so bad for that poor girl, I just wanted to cry. (To be fair, he was on Leno's new show last night and he did "apologize.")

5. WHY are none of my favorite restaurants anywhere near where I live???? On that note, if you ever get the chance to eat at a place called Cheddar's Eat there! It is absolutely excellent!

6. "So you're tired and you're beat and you worked all week and you need a place you can let it go, where the girls go wild and the boys play hard and you need a little more than just the radio. Well here's your open invitation, with just a couple regulations. Let me warn you son, only come to have fun, we don't take kindly to serious. So leave your troubles at the door, unless you want some in here. Welcome to my house, buckle up tight." (House Rules, Christian Kane) Could someone please tell me where this guy lives????

7. I'm making a cake for a birthday today. A birthday of someone not in my immediate family. I'm excited and kind of nervous. She's going to be 11 years old and she wants green icing with green decorations. Hehe. Pretty basic!

8. Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol" came out today!!!! I'm and so very excited about this!! (Of course I'm going to have to wait until at least Friday, possibly later, before I get my copy.

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