Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Welcome to Tuesday!!! Feeling random? I am! If you want to join in click the cute little box and head over to Keely's blog!


1. I've decided that I'm going to reply to comments via e-mail because who really comes back to where they commented just to see if there was a reply?

2. Whose idea was it to put the keyboard together the way it is? I mean, I have no trouble with it because I know how to type. But, who decided where to put which letters in the very first place? Why not put them in order? A -B - C - D - E. Why are they Q - W - E - R - T - Y?

3. I'm a HUGE Sean Bean fan so I have my google alerts set up to send me one e-mail a day to update me on what he's up to. Well the other day I opened my Sean Bean Alert and what did I find? Me! There was a link in there back to my blog! Over to the left there is a spot that says "Things I Love" and he's included in that list and that's what showed up in my e-mail alert. I know, pathetic. But I felt special!

4. I love when my Kiddo laughs. Not like a little laugh ( I mean, I like that too), I'm talking huge cracking up kind of laughter. It makes me smile.

5. You know what I just found out? I've read a book called The Ghost a few months back. I really enjoyed it and was excited when I found out they were making it into a movie. Well, I went to
The Internet Movie Database to check on it's status . . . GUESS who the director is . . . go ahead, WILD guess! Roman Polanski!!!!!!! That's right! DELAYED FILM! I am so upset!


Otter Thomas said...

A child's laughter is one of the best things ever. Our son makes me laugh along with him every time. Nice randomness.

Cole said...

I adore the Internet Movie Database! It has solved many a dispute in our household :) Sorry your movie is delayed though...

I am Harriet said...

I've wondered about the keyboard thing myself.
It would be a pain if someone changed it.
Have a great RTT!