Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lazy Slacker Day

So, today I was supposed to write about our trip to the Labor Day Festival. I have some pictures of the Kiddo riding the rides and a few of the Crabb family (whoo hoo. Not) and Building 429 (They weren't too bad) singing.

But see, I'm writing this Tuesday night and I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open so the pictures and the update will have to wait until Thursday . . . or Friday . . . We'll see.

Let's see . . . Wednesday! Wednesday is good TV night. Ghost Hunters and then Destination Truth starts tonight. I love this show. They hunt for mythical creatures but never actually find anything. I just watch it for Josh Gates. He's a great host, very funny. Then Leverage Mid-season finale. I don't even know what a mid-season finale is for sure. I just know that it's gone for a little while and then the season will continue in the winter. (Can you say "Withdrawal?")

Well, I'll be done now since this is teetering on the very random category. Happy Wednesday!

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