Friday, September 4, 2009

Wish List

I think I'll share my wish list with you. Actually as I was making this list I kept trying to think of what I wish for and was having some problems. Any other time I would have no problem, but if I'm trying to write them down, I can't think.

1. A Bigger (6.5-7qt.) Slow Cooker. I'm not positive the size of the one I have now but I'm pretty sure it's 3.5-4 qt. Not big enough, I want bigger.

2. I want my own laptop. I'm tired of sharing. lol. I did have my own. then I went on vacation with the Kiddo to see my family and when I came back, Poof! My computer had died. (Don't know what happened.) Currently my husband and I are sharing a laptop. (Don't tell the Kiddo that I don't want to share, okay?)3. A router so when I get my own laptop (see above) the internet will be accessible from both at the same time. Not too mention when we have company, theirs will work too
4. Cake decorating supplies. I've been decorating cakes as a hobby for a little while now. I will be the first to tell you that I'm not really very good. However, I still want all the toys. 5. A few books. I've read some of these and just liked them so much I want to own them. Others look very intriguing and I want to read!

I don't need all of the Harry Potter books. I already have some of them.

6. Some DVD's.

I only put on season 6 of NCIS but I really need them all but the first one.

7. CD's

I would also love Christian Kane's CD whenever it comes out . . . *(Im)patiently waiting*
I guess that's that. Now I can only hope that the right people *Cough*J*Cough* read this!

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