Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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1. Today is the FIRST DAY OF FALL!! I'm so very very excited! I've been waiting MONTHS for this! Happy Fall!!!

2. NCIS starts Tonight!!! (I've been waiting months for this too!) I also plan to give the new NCIS: LA a try and see how it is. I hope it will be good but it's hard thinking of NCIS without the original cast. Also, I'm kind of upset they couldn't come up with a more original title.

3. The Mentalist (Simon Baker, Ahhhh) starts on Thursday. Yay! It looks like it's going to be a good TV week. Anyone have any other suggestions for good shows? Right now I only watch NCIS(Tues.), Leverage (Wed.), Ghost Hunters(Wed.), Destination Truth(Wed.), The Mentalist(Thurs.) and Psych (Fri.). I'm told I should watch Bones so I may give that a try, we'll see. Joseph Finnes is in that new show Flashforward. It's on at the same time as Bones . . . I think Joseph may win this battle.

4. Kiddo got a Click Start Leap Frog system for his birthday. I am so very impressed with how well he's doing with it. Amazing! Very good gift (Well done "Mamaw")! I would recommend this one.

5. The roofers started re-shingling my roof yesterday afternoon. Makes for a lot of Thumps, Bangs and Crashes.

6. I posted a blog about the Pirate Birthday Party that we had for the Kiddo. The only problem was that the pictures ended up blurry so I'm going to quick post two cake pics here. I love making cakes. They're not excellent but they're a lot of fun to do! I would have liked to add more detail but the time kind of got away from me. I was happy with it anyway.

7. Watched the Premiere of House last night and was rather unimpressed. I sure hope the season gets better!

8. I grabbed a bag of Marshmallow Matey's while I was shopping yesterday. I always buy these because we do bargain brand around here. Well, I was walking up the isle and noticed that the same size Lucky Charms was cheaper (by 16 cents) than the Marshmallow Matey's so I grabbed it. You know what I discovered? I like the bargain brand better.

9. I'm doing laundry today. What about you?

10. I still don't have my copy of The Lost Symbol. However, I made the mistake of reading the first page in the store. BAD idea! Now I REALLY want it!


Stefany said...

Yeah, House was a bit blah I think. I think it will get better though.

I don't watch TV really. With being in school, my tv time is just gone. I saw bits and pieces of House between study spurts. ha!

The cake looks great! My son would love it. I may need to try it...

Margo said...

laundry. lots of it. Have you ever watched Medium? It's one of my favorites. Very impressive looking cake!

atiredwife said...

~ I'm waiting for NCIS tonight too.

~ I actually enjoyed House ... and wonder if Alvie and the doctor might find their way to the rest of the season.

~ Pirates rock. My favorite verse from "The" master, Jimmy Buffet is:
Yes, I am a pirate, 200 years too late. The canons don't thunder, there's nothing to plunder, I'm an over 40 victim of fate, arriving too late. Arriving too late.
LOL ... you gotta get your Buffett in when you can.

~ I want to be trapped at home.

Ginger@When Ginger snaps... said...

I love Pirates! I love Fall! I love people who comment on my blog, like you did! (Thanks so much.) I was looking forward to the new shows last night, too. Two and a Half Men is my favorite. And Dancing with the Stars. How I Met Your Mother, too. I know, I'm a Simpleton!

Pollyanna said...

House made me cry. But I am looking forward to the return of the regular cast.

Speaking of regular casts, I never watched the original NCIS. I just heard on the radio that Chris O'Donnel is part of the new cast. For that reason, I'll be tuning in - he's on the laminated list.

On laundry, I dedicate as little time as possible on that chore. I get a load into the washer & dryer almost daily, but most of the laundry hardly ever hits the closets - we generally pick through the clean stuff in baskets. I suppose our mornings would be less hectic if I took a day to do it all. Hmmmmm.

I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

Baby News said...

Thanks for stopping by my little section of the blog world. I SO love NCIS and have been looking forward to watching it tonight. Unfortunately, I'll be preparing for a class I teach on the side wondering why I ever thought that was a good idea!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I love NCIS!

I'm always doing laundry. It's like a day at the spa when there's not a single load to do that day. lol

shortmama said...

Why yes I am doing laundry today! Need someone to come fold it all for me though...

Swoozie said...

Ugh! We had our roof re-done and our entire home re-sided last fall. It looks great but it makes for a few loud weeks. I feel your pain.

Laundry. Why YES! However did you know? LOL

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

House wasn't up to it's usual goodness. You'd like bones. Have you watched Fringe? My roofers come next week, not looking forward to the pounding. Have a great week.