Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothing? Everything?

I am totally at a loss for a topic today. What do you want to talk about? What do you want to read about? I've got nothing.

What's on my mind? Let's see.
1. Cleaning my house, preparing for company.
2. Rina is coming next week!!! WHOO HOO.
Haven't seen her in five years! It's about time we get together! She left this morning to head this way. Making a couple stops along the way though. She should get here around Tuesday PM or Wednesday. *Squeee*
3. Planning the Kiddo's birthday party, also next week.
This one really snuck up on me. I'm usually prepared weeks in advance with all my lists and everything but a few days ago I looked at the calendar and just about passed out! I couldn't believe it was that close and I didn't have one list! Luckily we're not doing anything huge, just a simple family get together. Pirate party, here we come.

Alright this is starting to feel like a RTT post. Let's save that for Tuesday.

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