Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall TV

I must say that with the new television shows this fall I think I may be watching too much TV.

Before I watched House (occasionally), NCIS, The Mentalist, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Leverage. (I also watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson but that's much later.)

Now with the addition of all the new shows that I wanted to/want to try out my viewing schedule has increased slightly.

Shall we start with Sunday? Well, I'm usually in church on Sunday evenings (and the VCR broke and we don't have a Tivo . . .yet) so this one is kind of hit and miss. However I would really love to check out Three Rivers. I've been (im)patiently waiting for the return of Alex O'Loughlin ever since they cancelled Moonlight (WHY??). Of course they had to put him on Sunday . . . opposite church AND football. What were they thinking?

On Monday we have House. I watched the season premiere and I must say that unless it gets better (and they get a Lot more of Robert Sean Leonard in there) I may end up slacking on this one again too. J wants to watch Trauma but I don't know. That's a lot of pain and suffering that late in the evening. Not too mention there is more football on Monday night.

Tuesday we have NCIS! I'm so excited for NCIS's return. This is my favorite favorite show. I love the interaction between the character and everything about it. Then NCIS: LA (Really? How much more uncreative can you get with that name?) is on. I watched and I'll watch again but this is another one that better get better or I'm out. I watched The Good Wife and was surprised to see Matt Czuchry, haven't seen him since Gilmore Girls. But honestly, I don't think I'll watch this one.

Wednesday. WHY is EVERYTHING on Wednesday night? Aside from the fact that (when J gets off early enough) we have church. There is also a bunch of new shows that I wanted to watch. Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Leverage (my second favorite show) are all the headliners on Wednesday for me. Then I wanted to see what Cougar Town was like and Eastwick and Modern Family and Hank. See, just too much on Wednesday so I'm sticking with the original three.

Thursday is the new home of The Mentalist (third favorite show) so I'm there for that. Also on Thursday is the new show Flashforward. I watched it and I'm hooked! I hope this one sticks around for a while. I was going to watch Bones but it's on at the same time as Flashforward and now I'm hooked on this one.

Friday night is Psych. Similar to The Mentalist with a lot of jokes to make that point. Just lots of fun. I also discovered Dollhouse on Friday nights but since I haven't seen the first season I'm kind of confused (anyone want to help me out, what's going on?).

Well that's the end of that. No, I have nothing for Saturday except College Football. See, too much TV. But I'm pretty sure this list will narrow itself down in a couple weeks - months.

What do you watch?

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