Thursday, October 22, 2009

Facebook Fun

If you're on Facebook and you're looking for some new apps/games you've come to the right place! Today I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite things to do on Facebook.

1. Bejeweled Blitz. I LOVE this game and I'm totally addicted to it. I remember playing Bejeweled a long time ago and I really liked it. Then one day I got on Facebook and my friend had published her score . . . I was practically beside myself with the discovery. Blitz is a shortened version of the regular Bejeweled in that you only have one minute to score as many points as you can. I love it.

2. My Zoo. I had seen people publishing that their zoo was opening exhibits and breeding animals but it took forever before I looked at it. It's a game that doesn't need babysitting and it's a lot of fun. You get to open new exhibits with all kind of different animal varieties. My highlight was when I finally got my Polar Bear. The Panda babies were neat too.

3. Christmas Tree. This is an application that allows you to send gifts of all kinds to your friends. It only allows 20 a day though, that makes me sad. But I'm really enjoying it. You can set it so your friends can open your gift right away or so that they have to til Christmas, mean, I know, but fun!

4. Sorority Life. I'm not sure how I got roped into this one. It was much more engaging in the lower levels. Now I just try to get points to level up so I can get a job and make more money. I still like it though. My only complaint is that for somethings you need a certain number of friends and not all my friends play this game so I hit a wall sometimes.

5. YoVille. I really liked that I could create my avatar. However, what I liked more was the fact that I can decorate my little apartment. I love that part. Unlike My Zoo and Sorority Life, however, this one doesn't earn you money while you sleep. You actually have to work. Go figure!

6. Living Social. I just love the "Pickyour5" game on this site. I think I've exhausted all my picks though. :) It's so much fun! Check it out!

7. I used to play Farm Town a lot too but I've kind of let that one fall by the way. There's just too much.

8 Honorable Mentions. I must also mention Pieces of Flair because that's so much fun. I don't like that they limit the number of flair you can put on your board though. Also Date of the Day is worth looking at. (Although, sometimes I think this one may be broken . . . you should see the people this thing hooks me up with!)

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of a few applications and games that are available for you entertainment on Facebook! Now, go play!

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