Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pie in the Eye

Well, tonight is the night.

If you read my Random Tuesday Thoughts this week you will know that I have been volunteered to take a "Pie in the Eye" for our Kids Crusade at church.

Monday night the boys won. Tuesday night (which I missed due to J's crazy work hours) the girls won. Wednesday night the girls blew the boys away! Only tonight is left. I refuse to let myself get comfortable with the girls win last night. I'm afraid the boys are really going to step it up tonight and then I'll be in trouble!

I would rather not receive a "pie in the eye" tonight buy I'm sure either way, whether its myself or Caleb (Let's all hope it's Caleb), the kids will love every minute of it.

Once again, please continue to send your prayer's, happy thoughts and checks to the girls at our Kids Crusade! Thanks so much!!

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