Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm sitting here staring at this wondering what to write but I am officially distracted by the OU/Miami game.

Do you watch football? I hated it when I was younger, then I tolerated it, then I decided if everyone around me was going to go nuts why not join them? You know what I discovered? I love football!

I updated my Facebook status a couple weeks ago and said something like "Sitting here watching Penn State, waiting for the Kiddo to fall asleep so I can grab a shower."

To this my Mom replied and asked where J was and why I couldn't just let him watch the Kiddo and get my shower because she just knew that I wasn't sitting here watching football alone.

It was funny to me. I told her J was at work and I was, in fact, watching football all on my own. I've done this a lot so far this season. It's a bunch of fun. Football I mean, it's obviously more fun to watch with someone else.

Now If only we had the cash to go to a game . . . *Dreaming*

(P.S. Sorry if this seems out of order. This was meant for yesterday but yesterday was my Mom's birthday and I wanted to make sure I wished her a happy one. So, this post was bumped to today. Thanks for reading!)

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