Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

I am feeling so Random today! I wonder why? Oh! It must be Tuesday! So, are you feeling Random too? If you are then you really should grab the Random box below, stop by Keely's blog and link up!


1. I LOVE Cadburry Cream Eggs!! I like the caramel ones too but the Cadburry is classic! They are one of the greatest things at this time of year!

2. We dyed a few eggs the other day. We'll do more sometime this week. What is your favorite method of dying eggs? I'm a fan of food coloring and a q-tip myself.

3. As I type this the Kiddo is watching The Imagination Movers. I like this show. I'm glad he likes this show. It could be worse, he could be addicted to Sponge Bob (Well, if I ever let him watch it . . . )

4. Do you do Easter Baskets? We do. Do you buy one that's already assembled or do you create your own? I love building a basket for my Kiddo. It's almost as much fun as watching him disasemble it!

5. I love it when my Kiddo just randomly and out of the blue says "I love you, Mom!" I tell him "It makes me feel all gooey inside." Hehe. I love that Kid!

6. Just to take a bit of a poll . . . Does anyone watch or know someone who watches Supernatural?

7. I'm using TweetDeck now. I really like it! My only complaint is that I can't see the Trending Topics list.

8. The Kiddo and I are leaving next week to visit family in Pennsylvania! I am so excited! It's been a year since I've seen my parents. Far. Too. Long.

9. J was watching Two and a Half Men last night. Everytime Chelsea talked to Charlie he had a ton of other stuff going through his head and had no idea what she was saying. I asked J "Is that what goes on in your head while I'm talking?" He just laughed. Seems as though it is . . .

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


I am Harriet said...

Glad you like your Tweetdeck.
It's pretty popular.

Have a great RTT.

Just call me Yankee said...

I've never used tweetdeck. I hope you enjoy your visit with your parents. Have a safe trip. Happy RTT.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I like to hand my kids empty baskets and have them hunt for all the contents!
We haven't dyed eggs yet but we will.....sometime.
Have a great trip home!

Amanda said...

My own random responses...
- love Cadbury eggs too
- I have no idea what Supernatural is, is that a bad thing?
- I agree with you about TweetDeck, but I still like it
- Two and a Half Men is funny!