Thursday, March 18, 2010

HGotW: Jared Padalecki

Since last weeks HGotW post featured Jensen Ackles I figured I would continue the Supernatural theme and feature the other "brother" this week.

When I first started watching Supernatural I was sure that Dean (Jensen Ackles) was going to be my favorite Winchester brother. He was hot and cocky I just liked him. Also, I had seen Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls as Dean, Rory's boyfriend and I have to say, I hated that character. So, I was coming into Supernatural with Padalecki's Dean in the back of my head.

However, the more I watched Supernatural the more Dean irritated with his attitude and his macho act and not showing any emotions. And the more I watched the more I loved Sam. He was sweet and smart and not macho at all and much more my type than Dean.

Not that I don't love Dean too. He's got a big heart but he hides it behind a lot of irritating macho. Anyway, that's enough Supernatural talk. Here's this weeks HGotW . . .

Jared Padalecki

He has really cute eyes. I think anyway.

I also figured I would take the theme right on into the girl I've chosen for today. Not only was she also in Supernatural she is also the brand new Mrs. Padalecki.

Genevieve Cortese

Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed the selection! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Since the first time I watched Supernatural I fell in love with 'the brothers' - Jensen and Jared's chemistry on screen was magic. I guess I gravitated more toward Dean because, for him, it was all about keeping the family together. I loved him for that. His attitude was my daddy's attitude (and mine as well). It's funny how different people see their own connections from this show and apply it to their own convictions.

Your pics for this post are beautiful. Only the best of wishes for Mr. and Mrs. Jared Padalecki.