Thursday, March 25, 2010

HGotW: Mark Sheppard

I mentioned on Twitter and here a while back that I was going to do some HGotW posts that were specifically my taste. I mean, I KNOW there are others out there who will agree with me on todays post. What I meant by specifically my taste is that although Channing Tatum is, I'm sure, super hot to many people I'm not really one of them. His was kind of a gift post for others.

I'm not sure what makes certain guys hot or sexy to me. I know it has something to do with their eyes and their smile and their voice and how they conduct themselves in interviews and such.

Today's HGotW I really discovered on Leverage but I'd actually seen him around before that. (It seems he's in everything.) The character he plays on Leverage is awesome. He's one of those you love to hate and you know it's ALWAYS going to be more interesting when he shows up.

Also, if you want to be picky you could say I'm continuing my Supernatural theme because he's been in that too.

He has one of the coolest voices ever. Very unique and recognizable. I read on twitter someone describe him as "Mr. My Voice is Mesmerizing as H***" Seriously, no joke there.

Alright, enough talk. This weeks HGotW (Should I turn "Hot" to "Sexy" maybe?) . . .

Mark Sheppard

If you're here looking at this going "Where do I know him from?" then you really should check out his imdb page because chances are he was in your favorite television show at least once.

He's also on Twitter @Mark_Sheppard.

Also, if you're a fan then you should check out Mark Sheppard Fans. A site created by a nice woman named Sandra. There's a message board and everything! (I'm a sucker for a message board!)

Once again I picked the girl this week because I think she's awesome. She's cute and adorable and a great actress. She's also one of my favorite guests on Craig Ferguson. Very funny.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell can also be found on Twitter @IMKristenBell.

Thanks for stopping by. I think this is one of my favorite HGotW posts.

 Have a great day! 

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