Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Craig Ferguson Live!

It's a Great Day for America!!

Last Friday we had the opportunity to go see Craig Ferguson live! Now, when I say this I get a lot of "Who is Craig Ferguson?" questions.

Craig Ferguson hosts the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS after Letterman. It's the only talk show I watch because of the host and not because of the guests they're going to have on. Craig Ferguson is Hilarious! Always funny and occasionally he does an episode where it's less funny and more serious or educational and those are always excellent too. If you've never seen the show you really should check it out.

Friday J and I drove about two and half to three hours to a "major American city" a place called Thackerville, Oklahoma. There is a casino there called the WinsStar and it is HUGE. I mean Mega mega large. The building is made up of sections built to look like landmarks from around the world. There is a castle, a Roman Colliseum, a Big Ben and more.

Inside there are "countries" too. China, England, France, etc. No kidding, we asked how to get to Craig Ferguson and the lady said "Follow the building and when you get to Rome the box office is on the right."

Gambling from one end to the other. It made me crazy to think about how much money was being spent in there! I stood and watched a guy playing the slot machine. Everytime he punched the button his little credit meter went down two dollars! TWO DOLLARS to push a button! I could never gamble, I'm too miserish with my cash (what little cash we do have).

After quite a hike we finally made it to "Rome." We stood in line for ages until we picked up our tickets and went to the show.

There was an opening comedian. He was pretty funny but not fantastic. My favorite joke from him (the only one I remember really) was when he said "Why build a Sea World so close to the ocean? Save your eighty bucks and look left." I enjoyed that one.

After him Craig was up. Chris (if you watch the LLS you would know him as Leather Boy) came out in his little outfit and danced around with a flute then another guy that I've seen on the show joined him and then Craig.

Craig was hilarious! Of course, I was expecting nothing less. This is defnitely an adult show though. He swore a LOT. Then he talked about how much he loves to swear which involved more swearing.

One of the best jokes of the night was when he talked about his son following him around with a jar. Craig has to put a nickle in the jar everytime he uses "the F word." Craig said that sometimes he pays his kid in advance. "Here's a ten, Kid. I'm going to go call your Mother."

We rolled, it was so funny.

I don't want to give away anything else in case someone reading this gets the opportunity to go. I will say one more thing about the show. The two guys from the beginning joined Craig at the end and they did "Oops, I Did it Again." and it was great!

It was a great night! We had so much fun and Monday night Craig talked about it on his show. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed or, trust me, I would have posted a bunch of pictures to check out.

If you're going to see the show and you have any questions or anything feel free to leave comments, I'll do my best to help! Have a great day!

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