Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's Tuesday! That means it's time for some Random! I love Tuesdays! I can get all those little things, that are too small for a whole post, off my brain. If you're interested in participating grab the little box below and pop over to Keely's blog!


1. I turned on the tv the other morning and there was a show on (duh). It was halfway over and it immediately caught my attention. And thanks to my wonderful new TiVo I was able to rewind it and watch it all the way from the beginning. Now, I'm hooked. How have I never watched Supernatural before? Of course, we don't get the CW (And I'm not complaining because if we did I would be forced to watch Smallville because J likes it. I just don't think I could deal with that. All the sexiness (Michael Rosenbaum) is gone from that show. Not worth it anymore.) So, I will watch on TNT and online when I can. Maybe I'll just get the DVD's from Netflix.

2. Took our car to the Ford place and they said that they would be the only ones that would be able to fix it and it was going to cost us 2,000 dollars! What the heck?! So, after I nearly cried and then prayed and then called around we found a wonderful place that told us they could also fix our car (even though according to Ford no one else would be able too) and it was only going to cost aroudn 600 dollars! God bless Main Tire!

3. I've been trying to please the majority with my HGotW posts but I don't always have the same taste as others. Actually my taste is way off. I used Channing Tatum one week for my friend and cousin but he's really not my kind of guy. Sean Bean is my kind of guy. Anyway, two things. 1. I'm accepting suggestions for guy to be featured in HGotW and 2. Look for some posts that are specifically my taste (I'm thinking Mark Sheppard and Tim Hutton may be showing up sometime soon.)

4. I used to play this game called Sims. Over time my discs got lost or extremely scratched and I couldn't play anymore. Well, recently I found Sims 2 on sale so I picked it up. Brings back memories. The only problem is I think J has been playing it more than me.

5. I. Love. My. TiVo. It's an amazing piece of equiptment! What did I do without it? Lots of love. Highly recommended. Actually, it came highly recommended. Alyson Hannigan (Yes, from How I Met Your Mother) told me it was the "best thing ever for TV" (Yea, that made my day.)

Have a great Random Tuesday!!


The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh don't you just hate car troubles??? I'm glad you found someone who could fix it besides the Ford dealership! I remember Sims! My brothers used to be into that game!

Happy Random!

Anonymous said...

Sean's my kind of guy too - that sexy grin, the suave, debonair stance or the crumpled Sheffield bit of rough! A man for for all moods.