Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is There a Hole in my Brain?

You know earlier I was laying in a tanning bed (yes, I go to a tanning bed, otherwise I couldn't wear any summer clothes because the whiteness of my skin would blind people) and I was thinking of a blog post.

It had the makings of a perfect post, points and entertainment. I was very happy with it.

What was this wonderful post, you ask?

I wish I freakin' knew!

There's not a lot of ways to write down thoughts when you're laying in a tanning bed. By the time I was done, out of there and home I had completely forgotten all about what it was that I was creating in my head.

I'm telling you. I need to invest in a little tiny recorder that I can carry around in my pocket and whip it out when I come up with a brilliant blog post.

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