Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Random Tuesday!! I hope you're having a great day! Are you feeling random? If you are then you should grab the box below and join the random fun at Keely's blog!


1. Trek Expo in Tulsa. Anyone ever been there? Think we might try to make it this year. I want to see Mark Sheppard and I'm dragging J along with the promise of Smallville related . . . stuff.

2. I missed the Leverage convention (ConCon) in Portland last weekend. I really wanted to be there but there were a lot of kind people tweeting from the event. That helped a bit. Thanks all you kind tweeters!

3. When Wikipedia says "Random article" they really aren't kidding. What happened in Canada in 1998? You can find out on Wikipedia! How many highways are named Highway 552? Wiki will tell you!!

4. In case you have problems understanding the questions on the Census there is a number you can call. I know that sometimes those "Name" and "Race" questions can be challening. I have a thought. I'm really curious what they would do if someone called them and said "How do I know what year I was born?" Maybe I'll find out . . .

5. Just a tad over two weeks before the Kiddo and I head home to Pennsylvania for a Long overdue visit! I'm so excited!

6. Back to the Leverage convention. IFmagazine.com streamed a few of the panels online for those of us not fortunate enough to attend. One of the panels was made up of Dean Devlin, Jon Rogers and Chris Downey. That was an excellent panel. Someone asked a question about writing. Dean Devlin said "Write fast." Whatever you write, write it fast so later when you go back to edit it you're not as attached to it as you would be if you spent ages and ages trying to get it just right. I thought that was great advice. Made lots of sense. I also heard someone say later on that just being in the same room with those guys makes your IQ go up. After hearing them talk, I tend to agree. 

7.  So, a neutron walked into a bar and said "I’d like a drink, please." After the bartender gave him one, he said "How much will that be?" "For you?" said the bartender "No charge." .......

8. Two sodium atoms are walking down the road chatting. All of a sudden, one stops and turns to its friend looking worried Oh, no... I ...think I've lost an electron! What... are you sure? Yes, I'm positive!"

Have a great Random Tuesday Everyone!!


I am Harriet said...

I'm always checking stuff out on Wikipedia.
Have a great Tuesday!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I check Wikipedia all te time and then I doubt them....oh well.
I love your neutron and atom jokes!!!! I'm passing them on!

Happy Tuesday!